Sleeping mask with your own hands

The sleeping mask is not only tribute to fashion, but also a necessary thing for many of us. It protects the skin around the eyes from wrinkles, which helps us to look younger. Another thing is that the satin mask helps to fall asleep for those of us who are sensitive to sleeping. Using a sleep mask is an effective way to block out the light when traveling. Eye mask is one of the best tools that can be used to overcome sleep problems and obtain restful relaxing sleep.  The handmade sleeping mask is very cute and easy to make so it would be a great personalized gift for someone special. I propose to sew it with me :)


  • Satin of gentle pastel tones;
  • Molina of white, pink and green colors;
  • Pins for sewing;
  • Satin white tape;
  • Felt-tip pen;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle for sewing;
  • Threads for sewing;
  • Wide elastic band;
  • Padding polyester for filling.

Sewing machine.WORK PROCESS:

1. Cut out two details from satin (front and back) of the mask. If you wish, you may embroider something beautiful on a front side of a mask. You may also decorate the mask with satin ribbon.

Measure the edge of a mask with a flexible centimeter, and cut off the required length of ribbon.

Pin the ribbon to a front side of a mask and sew to a wrong side of a cut. The sewing should not be visible.

2. When the tape is sewn, cut it and melt. Sew the elastic band to the edges of a mask. If you prefer, you can make the mask ties of satin ribbon. The straps should be elastic and adjustable so you can easily find the exact fit you need.

3. Take the padding polyester and cut the exact copy of a mask. We should remove only 2-3 cm along the edge, so the filling fits the mask. Sweep the padding polyester to the back part of a mask with the neat stitches.4. Fold the two parts together, pin them and sew them together on a sewing machine. Remove the pins and enjoy your handicraft.

This handmade sleeping mask will be very comfortable, so I wish you the most beautiful dreams in it.

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