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Origami Frog

In this article we want to tell you about classical and very popular hand-made article of origami - the jumping frog. For certain, many mothers and fathers remember how, still studying at school, on breaks they did of frogs of origami of paper. That who forgot the scheme jumping a frog of origami, our article will come to the rescue.

Origami Frog. Origami From Paper A Frog

If you have to teach the preschool child to make an origami frog, we recommend you to begin with the simplest hand-made article of origami.

1. To make origami a frog, take a squared sheet of paper of green color.

2. Bend at first one top corner. Unbend back.

3. Now another. Unbend back.

4. Fold a sheet of paper as it is shown a photo below.

5. Continue to make an origami frog from paper. Bend the lower corners of a triangle up.

6. Now put an origami frog according to the scheme on a photo. We hope that everything is clear and without comments.

Origami the frog is done! Finish it a felt-tip pen eyes, a nose, etc. necessary details.

It is very simple hand-made article from paper in equipment of origami. The child of the advanced preschool age will be able to make such frog of paper evenly. But, unfortunately, this is an origami paper frog  that jumps absolutely badly. If you want to make jumping frog of origami, use the scheme below.


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