Aria Young

Fortune Teller Origami

This paper fortune teller, which can be used to find out what's waiting for you to come, in general, you can learn anything you want. You yourself can come up with a question and many answers. And the essence of divination is that you never know what will come out.

The rules of divination are very simple:

  1. You make up a paper fortune teller on the principle of origami.
  2. You write a prediction.
  3. You put this paper fortune teller on fingers, ask a question to whom you make divinations and ask any thought number.
  4. Then diverge fingers alternately (to the right and to the left and back and forth) as many times as the thought number. In that place where it stopped you read the answer to the question! Being a magician is so easy!

How to make a paper fortune teller yourself - see below! In order to make the origami fortune teller, you will need a square sheet of paper. Carefully follow the instructions, and after 5 minutes you will be able to tell fortunes yourself or your friends!


1. Find the center of your square. To do this, bend a piece of paper in opposite directions:

2. Fold all angles to the center of the sheet:

3. Turn the workpiece again and bend all angles to the center:

4. Bend again the workpiece in opposite directions:

5. Not turning the workpiece, insert your fingers in the "pockets" formed on the reverse side. The fortune teller is ready! Write on the face side any answers.

The fortune teller is ready! Ask the question and get the answer!


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