Handmade apron – easy to make

Handmade apron is a perfect sewing project for beginners. Actually, it is a good introduction to machine stitching and sewing skills. This is a very basic thing, but you can embellish the apron any way you like to. 


Quality fabric (muslin, linen, cotton, jeans, mixed fabrics);


Threads of appropriate colors;

Centimeter, pins, chalk;


Threads of matching or contrast color

Sewing machine.


1. Firstly you should sanforize and iron the fabric. Don't forget to make the seam allowances of 1,5-2 cm for the apron.

2. Check the position of the parts, lengthwise thread. Do not throw away the pattern, you can use it once again.

3. Stitch out all large parts.

Fold the details over the width of the allowance, and carefully iron it. So we get a smoother line for a straight stitch.

4. Prepare the neck and waist ties. Stitch the rectangles for ties from the wrong side, leaving the seam allowance. Turn them out and iron. You need to turn out the ties, and to stitch them to an apron. You need to sew the ties for the neck and sides. Those who don't like the ties, can sew the buttons or tanglefoot. Stich the neck straps to the breast part, iron the seam.

5. Connect the upper and lower parts of an apron, making the folds on the apron. To do this, you should find the middle of the breast part and apron, to put symmetrically the underside of the top on the front side of the bottom. Pin from center to the edges, then stitch these parts retreating to the width of the allowance.

Unbend the breast part with a belt and iron the seam from the front side. After that, pin them back together fold in half and stitch to the apron over the previous stitch.

If you used to wear the aprons with pockets, then cut two matching circles using a plate as a template. Stich them to the apron, and iron them well.

Voila! And you have a pretty apron which will help you to stay tidy while cooking on the kitchen.

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