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How To Cook Baked Beans

The garnish we are going to cook is rich in vitamins, delicious to be served separately and as the topping, and it’s wholesome. Lots of main courses, like fried fish, chicken, steaks, sausages and cutlets may be served with these Lima beans.

Ingredients you need:

  • Lima beans – half a kilo;
  • onions - 5 bulbs of average size;
  • Tomato (canned, peeled-off);
  • carrots - 3 pcs (big);
  • Oil (to roast vegetables);
  • Flavorings (any);
  • pepper (grounded);
  • sugar – 50-60 g;
  • salt.

Below find the steps of the procedure

Step 1.  Cover 500 g of beans (all that you need) with warm water for 8 hours to make them soften. Then, at 8-hour period, or the next day, if you let them stay soaked for overnight, you need to pour out the water. Wash the beans with pure water before you start cooking. In total, you need two hours to cook them even after you soaked them in water earlier. Put the beans into the pot and boil (the water for boiling should be cold) for 2 hours. Then salt them, mix and discharge the water then. Use a strainer to pour out the excess water, if required.

Step 2. Next, get other ingredients ready. After peeling off, cut the onions (does not matter, in rings or half-rings). Grate the carrots (choose the course grating) and chop the tomatoes from the can into pieces. Then, put some oil into the pan and brown the onion. Carrots are the next to be roasted. In 3-4 minutes start roasting tomatoes adding all the sugar. Don’t forget to salt and pepper and cook for other 2 minutes.

Step 3. Now, when the main steps are finished, it’s time to bake it. Take a deep baking pan or bowl and spread out your beans onto it. Lay the previously roasted vegetables onto the face of beans. Then, spray the juice of tomatoes from the can over. This will add more spicy and piquant to the dish. Close the lid and place the dish into the oven. If you don’t want to get your beans dried or cooked longer, put the fire into the oven earlier to reach 200 °С. You need 1.5 hours for baking beans. Then, take it out and immediately start enjoying your meal. Since the garnish is rich and tasty in any form, it is delicious when it is both hot and cold.


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