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How To Make A Dresser

If the campaign on furniture stores in search of a dresser necessary to you was not crowned with success, it isn't much left to do, except how to make a dresser with one's own hands. At certain skills and minimum necessary set of the tool put this is not especially difficult. But now you are absolutely free in a choice of the sizes of a dresser, accessories and color which will be ideally suited to your interior.

How To Make A Dresser With One's Own Hands

To make a dresser with your own hands is to save several times concerning purchase in shop.

Overall dimensions of a dresser: 1000 x 800 x 400 mm.

As material for production with one's own hands of a dresser MDF 16, 12 and 3 mm thick plate serves.

All dresser is assembled by means of screws 4 x 45 mm under which the directing openings with a diameter of 3 mm at distance not closer than 50 mm from edges of a product are drilled previously.

Assembly Of A Framework Of A Dresser

1. Fix dresser top to sidewalls, and then, having receded from a bottom of each sidewall on 100 and 116mm carry out parallel lines on internal surfaces of each of them, having noted thus a basis installation site.

2. Fix the basis screws 4 x 45 mm, previously having drilled the directing openings and having made a countersink under secret heads of screws.

3. Make a template with own design for cutting of the lower apron. Cut out an apron an electrofret saw, and attach it to the basis.

4. Having receded from the top end faces of sidewalls, make marks in distance of 212 and 228 mm for installation of the top shelf. Fix the shelf.

5. Mark an installation site of a divider of the top shelf, having measured from each lateral face of top on 492 mm and having drawn parallel lines. Mark in the same way the top shelf, having measured from each its side on 476 mm. Establish a divider, having fixed it screws with top of a dresser and a divider.

6. Mark a place for installation of the average shelf, having measured 212 mm from the lower surface of the top shelf. Pay attention to that the back end face of the average shelf was flush with back end faces of sidewalls.

Assembly Of Boxes For A Dresser

1. Attach from above to the bottom and fix among themselves sidewalls and back walls of boxes.

2. Install into place frontal panels of boxes.

3. If you decided to establish decorative slips, cut out them by the size and paste.

Finishing Of A Dresser

1. Fill all openings from screws with hard putty. Let dry.

2. Make final polishing.

3. It is possible to paint a dresser with ecologically neutral acrylic enamel on a water basis.


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