The effect of essential oils on our bodies, we can call a real natural magic. They are able to improve the way we feel, cheer us up, ease us of headache, giving us energy, strength and set us into a positive mood.

Due to the aroma of coffee and grapefruit  and you can finally concentrate and get to work thoroughly, the smell of sage, lavender or rose oil will give you a feeling of bliss, but the scents of patchouli, jasmine, cinnamon, bergamot can ignite real passion and energy.
You will also be able to plunge for a moment back into your childhood, into your favourite memories and get the associations that come from that great time, thanks to fragrant compositions, which will have such compounds, as  chamomile or mint, pine  along with citrus, oregano, tatsan. Scents of lavender and mint will release you from emotional and psychological stress, and will become an assistant while relaxation sessions. Coniferous scents will help you to get rid of headaches, to relax after a hard working day and contribute to sound and restful sleep.

Now that you know the features of each particular essential oil, you can choose exactly that composition which would bring you the desired effect and could be able to help you feel better. Remember the most important thing - use them without fanaticism, in order to avoid too strong and intense odors at home, as the essential oils are very concentrated themselves. It will be enough to use a couple of drops to achieve the desired result.

You can also use these notes to create homemade scented sachets for your appartment.
I hope that with the help of these tips, your relaxation sessions will bring you good, pleasure and positive!)

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