Homemade candles


Few days ago I wrote about how to make a nice candle decoupage. Today we are going deeper and will learn how to make our own candle at home. I love to have exclusive things at home and homemade candle is a very nice thing to create.  That is why I decided to share this tutorial with you.

Imagine you can create just one for yourself or as a gift for someone.

What you will need:
- Wax
- Cotton thread or floss
- Stewpot
- Candle holder (can be made of a glass, plastic or tin)
- Wooden sticks for fixing wicks (1 candle = 1 stick; you can use pencils)
- Crayons (if you want to color your candle)
- Essential oil (if you want to make a scented candle)

Ask somebody to help you because the wax solidifies quickly and you need to act fast.

Step 1
Prepare your holders. Put the wick in each holder and fix it on the stick or pencil.

Step 2
Prepare a water bath in a stewpot. Put the smaller pan with the wax in a water bath. Wax will melt faster if you will cut it into pieces or grate it. Melt wax on the slow fire. Stir constantly. Consistency should be uniform, without lumps and chunks.

For colored candles put a piece of a crayon to melt together with the wax. Put some essential oil in melted wax for a nice smell. It is also important to combine the smell and color, remember candle cannot be green and smell lavender :)

Step 3
Pour a little bit of melted wax in your holder to fix the wick and move it if needed. Wait for a minute and pour more wax to fulfill the candle holder.

Be careful as the wax is hot.

Step 4
Leave a candle for 24 hours to solidify. Cut the leftover wick after.

The candle will be ready to use not less than 24 hours after its full solidify.

It is also nice to decorate the candle holder. Use ropes, stickers, labels etc.

Use your imagination to create different varieties of candles for you, your family and friends as candle is a great present for any occasion, especially if you made it yourself!



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