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Topiary with felt flowers

It is believed that topiary brings happiness and good luck into a house. Below you will find how to make a topiary from felt.

You will need

For flowers: Felt of two or more colors - 4-5 sheets of A4, large beads

Additional material:

Work-piece of ball from foam or other material

Wand (a tree bench or Chinese chopstick for food)

Ceramic pot for houseplants

A jar of acrylic paint

Ribbons, lacing and similar decor

Glue gun or any adhesive

Sharp scissors, pencil


Preparations of a pot. You can take a small ceramic pot for houseplants and to fill it with gypsum, or stones.  You can use acrylic paint, ribbons or beards for decoration. You can glue a strip of green felt around the rim of the flower pot and it will look like a grass. 

Preparations for a ball. Cover the ball and a stick with acrylic paint, you may use sponge for it.

Preparation of flowers. Draw the work-pieces of flowers, the work-pieces can be just formed by circles with different diameter. Use thin felt for flowers, it is usually sold in A4 sheets and can be found in any store with goods for needlework. 

You will need at least 30 work-pieces of flowers. We do not give there the exact number of flowers, as it will depend on your ball size. Cut circles on spiral to transform it in volumetric rose. The more turns will be in spiral, the more fluffy flowers we receive. Cut a small hole in a center of flower so that you can fasten all flowers.

After you cut spirals from flowers, begin to twist the spiral. Fix the spiral with a drop of glue. It is convenient to use a glue gun with silicone adhesive or any other transparent glue.  Stick a large beard on top of a flower. 

Glue flowers over the ball: use flowers of different size and color. 

After you fix flower all over the ball, you will receive a beautiful composition. 

Decoration of topiary is up to your own fantasy: use flowers and leaves of different shapes and colors. Good luck to you in your creative work!

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