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How To Make A Paper Gun

If you want to dispel the boredom, and at the same time entertain your children, teach them to make toys out of the available material at hand. For example, in order to make a replica of a gun, you do not need any special tools, just a few sheets of plain paper, adhesive tape and a pair of scissors.

You can be confident that, armed with this safe weapon, your little warriors will find something to do for the next few hours, meanwhile you can relax.

The order of steps:

1. Take the A4 size sheet of paper, fold it in length and carefully smooth out the fold.

2. Lay the workpiece on the table, folded to the bottom. Make a 3.5-inch bend bottom up.

3. Wrap the rest of the paper around the bend. As a result, you should have a 3.5 cm wide flattened tube.

4. Wrap the edges of the tube with tape to keep it from unfolding while making it.

5. Fold the tube in half and set aside. It will be the butt of your paper gun.

6. Take another sheet, fold it in half, as in the first case and make a bend in the width of approximately 2.5 cm. Wrap the rest of the paper around it and secure with a tape.

7. Fold the third sheet and make the bend with the width of about 1 cm. Wrap the rest of the paper around it and secure with a tape.

As a result, you should have three identical parts made of different widths:

8. Now expand the tube №1, and bend the ends as shown in the picture. The distance between the points of the fold should be approximately 5 cm, and the ends of the tube shall be the intersection point of the lower edge of the central fold line.

9. Fold again the workpiece - take two curved ends back at the center fold line.

10. Cut a deep notch on the center fold line approximately 1.5 cm in length. In it you will later put the muzzle of the paper gun.

In expanded form the item will look like this:

11. Next you need to connect all three parts.

Insert the muzzle (tube 2.5 cm wide) into the fold of the butt by inserting the ends of its right and left folded ends of the latter.

Cut off the top corner of the barrel in the fold.

Insert into it the thinnest tube, pull it through the entire structure and pull through the hole cut in the butt.

Cut off the excess paper just above the top of the opening. For the trigger not to be shifted, you can fix it with a piece of adhesive tape.

To add some fun to design you can use paper of different colors for the body and trigger or even for each fragment individually. Black or dark-gray paper will give a more realistic view of the gun. However, remember that the sheets must be sufficiently dense that the construction does not lose shape, but not too thick, otherwise it will be difficult for you to fold parts. The best option is printer paper.


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