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Fall Leaves DIY Pillow Cover

Today I’m going to show you how to make a pretty fall DIY pillow cover with sparkly golden leaves. It’s a beautiful way to add a bit of cozy autumn style to your home!

Supplies needed:

  • Natural Throw Pillow Cover
  • Tumble Dye Gold Glitter Fabric Spray Paint
  • Cricut Stencil Material
  • Electronic Die Cutting Machine OR Stencil

Attach the stencil material to your cutting mat with the blue side up, then cut the design of your choosing using your craft cutting machine. I set my machine to the stencil material cut setting and it worked great.

Peel the blue part of the stencil away from the backing, then stick it onto your pillow fabric. Make sure all of the edges are firmly pressed into the fabric.

Place a piece of wax paper inside your pillow cover to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back of your pillow.

Shake the fabric spray paint well, then spray it onto the fabric inside your stencil. You may need to protect the rest of your pillow cover from overspray.

The paint pools on the plastic stencil, so I just used a paint brush to push the paint off the stencil and onto the fabric. I used the same leaf stencil for my entire pillow, so I just peeled the stencil up, re-positioned it, and repeated the process again.

Allow your DIY pillow cover to dry for several hours, then heat set the paint. Cover with a clean sheet of copy paper, then iron for 60 seconds, keeping the iron moving to avoid scorching the fabric.

It’s really such a simple process, but the DIY pillow cover turns out very pretty. There’s a nice variation in color where the spray went on thicker in some areas, so it almost looks hand-painted. And I love that it’s a little bit sparkly without being in your face. It adds just the right touch of fall!

Thanks for photos and idea to Jennifer


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