Arabella Nichols

Crochet Boots


  • yarn “Yarn Art Charisma” (80% wool, 20% acryl). 100g/200m of grey colour yarn;
  • 100g, 50g of white colour wool;
  • crochets №3 and №5;
  • shoe leatherboard;
  • A factory-produced sole, size 36;
  • a crochet for stitching the sole to the article;
  • a nylon thread;
  • insoles, size 36.

The Description Of Crochet Boots Creation Process

We need to put an insole on the leatherboard, outline it and cut it out. On the given sample we need to make holes with the help of brad awl. The distance between them is 1 cm.

We need to crochet around the leatherboard with the help of a grey thread. This is done through the holes. There should be one row of single crochets.

Toe. You need to crochet the toe with the help of a crochet №3. There should be straight and reverse rows. You need to get the last loop of each roe through the single crochets which are made around the insole. There are 11 chain stitches in the first row. You need to add one more turning chain in all the following rows until there isn’t 35 chain stitches overall.

Then, you go on crocheting the toe without any additions. You need to stop crocheting it when there are 34 rows.

Heel. We need to crochet 46 single crochets into those single crochets that are around the insole. They should be in the area of the heel. Then, we need to crochet 14 rows up. Each time we need to catch the 1st loop of the toe edge in the end of every row. This way you connect toe detail and heel detail together.

Boot-top. Start working with a thread of white colour. You need to crochet in round rows with the help of a crochet №5. You need to crochet the edge of the article. There should be a row of single crochets. Then, you may start working on the pattern called “Flakes” (or “a crocodile skin”).

The 1st row: 3 turning chain stitches, *2 chain stitches, miss 2 loops of the previous row, 2 double crochets into the next 2 loops, 2 chain stitches, miss 2 loops of the previous row, 1 double crochet into the next loop*, repeat it till the end of the row. You need to finish the row with 2 chain stitches and a connective crochet consisting of 1 chain stitch in the row.

The 2nd row: 3 turning chain stitches, then, we get to crocheting the first V-like element (the arcs consisting of 2 double crochets in the previous row): 4 dc into the first crochet of the previous row, 1 chain stitch in order to make this area look “sharper”. You need to put the article perpendicularly and crochet 4 dc into the second dc of the previous row (the second 4 dc are crocheted “mirror-like” to the first 4 dc). When the first “flake” is finished, fasten it with the help of a connective crochet into the next double crochet of the previous row. Then, go on crocheting the next V-like element.

Starting from the 3rd row, the pattern is repeated. However, now you need to crochet 1 dc into the arc consisting of 2 dc. Where there was 1 dc, you need to crochet now 2 dc.

You need to crochet the boot – top using grey and white threads in turns (every 2 rows).

Once there are 18 rows of the pattern (=9 rows of “flakes”), crochet the upper part with single crochets. Cut off the thread and tie it.

Using a nylon thread and a special crochet for shoes you stitch the crocheted part of the boots to the soles.

Put insoles inside.

Your boots are ready!


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