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How To Make A Bench Cushion

The summer is the most suitable time to spend the day off or everyday evening in a garden or at country house. To make this rest the most comfortable, it is possible to sew such cushions for rigid garden benches.

Materials Which Will Be Necessary:

  • fabric for an external covering;
  • a filler for a mattress (foam rubber);
  • sewing machine;
  • a zipper on all side of a pillow;
  • scissors, sewing pins

At first measure width and depth of each sitting.

Pick up a filler of sufficient height. To determine the fabric sizes for seats, take the made measurements and add to them on 3 cm from each side.

These measurements are suitable for the top and lower parts of soft sitting.

Cut out fabric.

By means of scissors for fabric round edges of corners on long edges of preparation.

Attach a long strip of a surface of a pillow and make one small contour round a product, bend fabric in half, stitch at distance in 1,5 cm from edge. Combine at the edges lower and lateral speak rapidly, attach them pins. Prepare corners for sewing. Add a few V-of figurative cuts round each corner. By means of the machine stitch all product, having left from each edge on 1,5 cm.

Attach the lower panel to lateral, just as also the top. Form corners. Before sewing all top part, you have to add a fastener. Attach a zipper to the right side of the cloth.

Attach it at distance in 1,5 cm from an edge. Using a paw for a zipper sewing, attach it. Repeat all above actions and for other side of a zipper. Stitch a product. Be convinced that you left a zipper open. Turn out a cover on the face. By means of a ruler and a marker measure the necessary sizes of a filler.

Carve out the necessary form. Process edges with scissors. Fill a cover.

The cushion for a bench is finished!


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