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Crochet Lace

Bobbin tape lace is crocheted in a tape form. The length of it depends on the length of an article. Its wideness depends on the pattern and the threads thickness. Then, the tapes are connected with each other.

The base of tape lace (in the majority of cases) is racket patterned round design. In the process of crocheting the details are connected to the ready area of the petals in one or several places.

Materials and instruments:

Any thin threads that contain cotton (50 g in 330 m.). This way the pattern will be seen better. Crochet №1,0.



We crochet 7 chain stitches and connect the article in a circle.

The first row:

3 turning chain stitches, 14 double crochets.

The second row:

4 chain stitches (3 turning chain stitches and 1 chain stitch according to the pattern), then, 1 double crochet in each double crochet of the previous row, 1 chain stitch (you should have 15 dc and 1 chain stitch to each double crochet).

The third row:

3 chain stitches, 1 dc in the base of this dc. We have a loop that was created out of these 3 chain stitches. Then, 3 chain stitches, 5 double crochets into the loop, one connective stitch into the chain stitch that follows the 3 dc of the previous row. Here we have the first petal.

We go on crocheting like this till the end of the row. You should have 5 petals as a result. We have crocheted the first element of our tape lace.

Let’s start crocheting the next element: 7 chain stitches, a connective stitch into the last chain stitch of the previous row.

The fourth row:

We crochet it like the first row. However, we need to crochet 13 dc and a connective stitch into the last (the 5th one) petal of the lace’s first element.

The fifth and the sixth rows:

The fifth row is crocheted like the second row. However, we should have 14 double crochets.

The sixth row is crocheted like the third row.

We have finished crocheting the second element of our tape lace. As for all the rest rows, we just go on repeating the rows from 4 to 6.

Here is what a beautiful and not so complicated tape lace we have. Here are 2 more photos with tape lace.


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