Melody Dixon

Crochet Slippers

To make crocheted slippers you will need two insoles, yarn, a crotchet and a needle.

Sew the insole around with the needle with thread.

This is what you are supposed to get.

Now crochet the top of your slippers:

1. Cast on seven chain stitches and knit two rows around them so you get 25 columns.

2. Then turn back and knit the following: 1st row – 16 col, 2nd row – 18 col, 3rd row – 19 col, 4th row – 20 col. and so on up to the 9th row. You should get 25 columns.

3. Crochet further making one side like this: 9 col, 8 col, 7 col, 6 col, 5 col, 4 col, 3 col, 2 col. The same on the other side.

4. Sew the tops to the insoles.

5. The crochet them around. Make one row of single crochets and another row of reverse single crochets. Crochet flowers and sew it to the slippers.

There is a great number of options; use your imagination. You can replace the flower with a pompon, or to use yarn of the different color. You may also sew the leather base to the insoles.


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