Payton Mendoza

How To Make Pillow Covers

To sew a pillow cover… What can be easier than that! But even the small things like that are better with a good step-by-step guide.

You can easily sew an ordinary pillow cover without clasps. As you can see, the standard size 70 cm. X 70 cm. has been chosen for this guide. If you need the different size, you can easily replace the values.

1. For a pillow cover 70 х 70 you will need a piece of cloth 70 + 2 (allowance for the stitches) = 72 cm. wide, and 70 + 70 + 30 (a flap inside the pillow cover) + 4 (allowance for the cuts) = 174 cm. long.

2. Tuck the cuts in and stitch them.

3. Put the cloth with its face up. Measure 70 cm. and fold the edge.

4. Then fold the flap from the right, so that it is on the top. Seam the cuts. Whip the stitch allowances with a zig-sag line.

Evert to the face side and the pillow cover is ready!

Version 2. If you don’t want to whip the stitch allowances you can use a French seam. In this case, the flap will be inside the pillow as well. Until the Step 3, your actions are the same.

Step 3. Put the cloth with its wrong side up. Measure 30 cm (the flap) and fold the edge.

Step 4. Measure 70 cm from the left side and fold the edge. Seam the cuts 4 mm. from the edge.

Step 5. Evert the pillow cover, so that the flap is inside. Iron the edges. Seam it along the stitch 6 mm. from it.

Evert the pillow cover with the face side out and it is ready!


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