Adalynn Harrison

How To Make A Fall Wreath

Autumn is the season of the multicolored leaves. In autumn, the land is covered with colorful leaves of maple, oak, birch. You can use them to create dozens of crafts.

We Will Need:

  • a bunch of branches;
  • wire or ribbon;
  • fish line;
  • spray paint;
  • wreath’s accessories (natural autumn materials, papier-mâché figurines, etc.);
  • glue gun.

1. To make the wreath’s base you need to collect a bunch of branches. You can use both natural branches and store-bought branches. Bent branches to make a circle. Secure your base with wire or ribbon in several places with even intervals.

2. Paint your wreath with aerosol paint. We recommend you to select "autumn" colors: gold, terracotta, olive, brown, and so on. Let the wreath dry.

3. Lay out your wreath design arranging your materials on the base. Think about what kind of design you prefer. You can either use natural materials: acorns, chestnuts, nuts, etc. and papier-mâché items. In stores you can buy replicas of various fruits and vegetables. For example, you can decorate your wreath with small pumpkins, apples, ashberry, dry leaves. Pick up whatever you wish. All these items are suitable for creating of a unique composition.

4. Lay all the items on the wreath, then glue them to the base. To do this, use the glue gun. Don't be afraid to experiments-your wreath should be covered with flowers, fruits and leaves.


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