DIY Stamped Pouches

Hello dear friends!

I am becoming more and more obsessed with the handmade items because who does not, right?! I am at my last year of studies in the university – the time when you need to write the most important work – diploma. I am spending lots of time in the library trying to find and read the information I need. As a result I am carrying a whole bag of pens, pencils, highlighters and so on… A few days ago I decided that I need to organize the space in my purse and I came up with the idea to create my custom pattern for a pencil pouch. They also will perfectly go as a makeup pouches or any other things you desire to put inside. It depends on a size of the pouch as well.

They are cute and simple and I must say looking pretty expensive.

Here is what you will need:
- CORK BOARD (or anything to use as a base (foam core could also work))

Step 1
Think about your stamp shape. It could be anything you like.

Step 2
Cut the craft foam in your desired shape. TIP: double or even triple your craft foams to make it thicker.
Cut the cork board to fit the size of the stamp. Stick the doubled stamp onto the board.

Step 3
Put some paint on the stamps and try it onto the piece of paper first. Remember to secure the inside of the pouch with something so when you will stamp it paint won’t go onto the other side. Flatten your pouches and start stamping them the way you want. TIP: You can create certain pattern on the paper and then try and follow the steps on the pouch.

Step 4
Let the pouch fully dry the turn it around and stamp the other side. Let the other side dry.

Voila! Now you are ready to put all the pens and pencils inside and go to school. If you decided to go with the makeup pouches I believe it will be great as well! The most important thing is they are unique and nobody has the same one as you do! These pouches will also be a great present for your friend. Don’t be afraid and improvise on the size, color and shapes to create even more of them!



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