Lucy Wannamaker

DIY Tea Notebook Napkins

Nice for office dining room or an amazing gift idea for a teacher!

You can bring these Notebook Napkins everywhere, if they fit your style enough. They are very stylish, cool and look quite unusual. Anywhere and anyhow, it’s your chance to show just one item of your handmade collection and impress friends and collegues!

It’s also a cute idea for those who feel nostalgic for school years.

So, here is the tutorial step by step:

1. Take a piece of white soft linen. Measure it out into the size of a not very big towel/medium napkin.

2. Mark the front down with 1 inch for each step.

3. Take a blue thread. Sew along the marks with this bright thread. Here are the lines of our notebook.

4. Then you may use no-sew hem type to secure the edges. Just wrap it inside and iron the napkin.

5. Embroid the napkin with a nice red thread. Don’t forget to make a dash about 5 inches from the edge to make it look realistic.

It’s done! Iron everything and make another napkin!

Have a good tea with this cute napkin idea!

Photos by Liz Stanley


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