DIY Stamped Picnic Blanket

Hello there!

Spring is here! And it means what? Right, time for a picnic! I love picnics because it is a good way to spend time with friends, hangout outside and look for new sights. Am I forgot something? Food of course! My perfect picnic day is to find a nice place to sit, get some tasty things, turn on favorite music and spend time with the loved ones. Whether it is a group picnic with friends or a romantic date you will probably want to take a few pictures and post them on your social media. To make your pictures as well as your day look even cuter I have prepared this awesome DIY tutorial on how to make custom stamp patterned picnic blanket. And I can’t wait to start!

The best part – it is super easy to make because we are going to use a potato as a stamp!

Here is what you will need:
- a big canvas drop cloth from any home improvement store (mine is 6 x9 and seems huge)
- a potato (and maybe a second in case of mess-up)
- a knife
- acrylic paint of your choice
- a paint brush

Step 1
Cut the potato in halves and carve your stamp. In this tutorial we are making the triangle stamp but you can always change it. Try to carve it as smooth and even as possible. If you failed with a first half don’t worry and try on the second one.

TIP: cut the edges a little deeper than it is shown on the picture. This way you won’t get paint on the edges and, as a result, on a blanket.

Step 2
Using the paintbrush put some paint on your stamp and try it on the piece of paper before you will get to the blanket.

Step 3
Make sure to cover your workspace so the paint won’t damage any of your furniture of floors. Also, wear clothes that you won’t regret to damage. Use a palette or a paper plate to pour some paint onto it. When you are ready start stamping. Go from the top to the bottom.

Step 4
Let it dry and iron the blanket later if needed.

Voila! Now you are ready for a picnic!



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