DIY scratching furniture for cats

Sooo cuuuute!

1. Vase
You will need:
- ceramic vase
- rope
- hot glue gun
- gloves
- for decorations I used flowers. You can find at IKEA store
I bought my ceramic vase at a HomeGoods on a sale. Before I bought it I wanted to put some decor inside. I decided to pick up a heavier and sturdier. You could use any vase size you like. Very important avoid vases from glass. 
I used rope from garden store. At first look over your place, you will need free space on the floor. Put the gloves on your hands, as you don't want your fingers to be damage with a rope. 
Start wrapping the vase with a rope using a hot glue gun. Wrap it as tightly and recently as possible. It will be not perfect but that's okay. It's just a scratching vase for a cat. The most important consideration is how sturdy the structure is. If it falls over while your cat scratches he will not want to use it again. I filled the bottom 1/3 of the vase with rocks to weight it down and found a kitchen slate board at garage.  I hot glued the bottom of scratching vase to the slate.

2. Scratching board
You will need:
- ex-acto snap-off blade utility knife
- carpet sample (I took 50cm for 50cm)
- tight corrugated cardboard
- wooden board or a plywood
At first you have to decide which size of carpet you will going to glue on the board. Be sure you have free place on the wall!
Cut a carpet sample using an ex-acto knife and a marker. I decided my carpet to be a square shape. I made some notes with a market on the opposite side of the carpet and cut out my square shape. 
Ready, now it is time to slice a cardboard. You have take a tight one. I founded at my garage empty box from the equipment and got crafted. Size of a carpet should fits cardboard. Glue your carpet to the cardboard. Now based on the size of the carpet piece, cut out a board base (use my image as a guide). The finish is to gather a cardboard and board together. I did procedure with a glue. Let it dry.
Hang it over the wall on a loop. Happy scratching ! :)))


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