DIY paper cactuses!

Want to get something in your flat that will be green and juicy all the year? Here's the best resolution ever! Green bright decorations for your home handmade! Here's an instruction how to make these green friends of your home just using paper - you can DIY so easily!

What you will need:
sided cardboard (paper) of different shades of green,
glue gun,
a small pot or high tin,

1. On a green paper draw a cactus with a ruler and pencil. Note: the angles should be rounded.

2. With the paint, two shades lighter than the paperboard substrate, draw a vertical line.

3. When the paint is completely dry, engrave cactuses details.

4. In the center of the main body make a deep incision.

5. Insert a rectangular part inside the main part, fix a drop with glue. Now you have 3D-effect!

Cactus is ready! You can put in a pot with stones.

Color the cactus, do whatever you want: waves or stripes, dotted lines or needles, daggers or chevron (signs, similar to the English letter «V», turned in many different ways). Or maybe it will be dots or asterisks? Do not hesitate - let your imagination run wild!


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