DIY chandelier made of beads

When you feel that it's time to change something – new handmade lamp could be the best option! This option is perfect for tenants (if you cannot change the overall looking of a housing, but want to decorate it a little). So, here’s a master class how to make a decoration for a lamp DIY.

You will need:
- 30 cm in diameter lamp-plate (it may vary depending on your wishes);
- Painting spray – silver color;
- Basket with metal frame (for the base);
- Garland with crystals (in example used a few pieces on 120-180sm length);
- 3 hooks.


1. On the basket leave only the metal frame and then color it with spray. While the paint dries, put a garlands, straighten them and prepare for work. Once the paint is dry, take one of the chains garlands and wrap one end around the upper (wider) side. You can bend the festoon easily in any direction.

2. Using the same garland start winding its frame, moving above and below the bars. If your garland is made from a good wire, it is inevitable that it will be twisted and entangled. Let the beads form in small groups. You need to fill the gaps and voids between the bars in the basket.

3. Continuing to work in accordance with the second step, criss-cross the entire basket. Wire garland can easily bend, so you can rotate and twist it into the required field to fill the void.

4. Once you have finished to braid the basket, it's time to hang a chandelier in its place. Take three hook and attach to the top edge of the basket. Attach the other ends around the edge of the lamp.

Such DIY chandelier will be in perfect harmony with the overall interior room! Use this master-class and you won't regret the result!


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