DIY Watercolor Mugs

Making an unusual mug with watercolor decor can become a joyful and interesting task for you and for children!

This awesome cute mugs will look gorgeous on your kitchen or might be an original present for someone!

The most pleasant part: it's so easy to DIY at home!  We really love handmade stuff like this for it's originality, creativity and clearness on how to make it. We are sure you will be delighted about the results as much as about the process.

So let's get to it!

You will need:

  • white mug;
  • nail polish;
  • water;
  • wide jar.

Take a wide jar with water and add few (about 8 - 10) drops of nail polish.

You can mix colors. For example, green and blue, or red and orange - you are free to use your imagination! Take some stick to stir the liquids.

Then take you cup (be careful not to be soiled) and dip it into water.

Twist your mug for a few times to make future image look more interesting.

Let it dry for 30 minutes. Your mug is ready!

Abbigli also prepared a video-instruction for you. Follow it:


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