DIY Candybox

Need a new candybox? Here's how to make it with your own hands! A little bit of creativity, few simple materials - and amazing handmade candybox is on your table!

You will need:
a plate,
artificial flowers, lace, ribbons or other decorations.

1. Take a balloon first.

2. Unwind the thread.

3. Fill a plate with glue.

4. Wet the thread in glue and wrap the balloon.
Pay attention! Threads better to wind tightly and pull well - in this case, candybox will be accurate.

5. Place the wrapped balloon in a vase and left overnight.

6. When the blank is completely dry, take the needle and bursting balloon.

7. Cut off the tip and decorate the candybox with artificial flowers, satin ribbons, lace.

8. Here's a nice candybox in you must get out in the end.


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