DIY Macaroon Charms

Hello my dear friends!

Macaroons... Oh everyone is in love with the macaroons! Starting from its “wooow” shape and ending with its amazing taste. Macaroons came to our lives from France so sudden and took our hearts. Today I have found this super cool tutorial on how to make macaroon charms. Because who does not want to wear them all the time?! It is easy to do and lots of fun. Afterwards you can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, keychains, pushpins and so on! Let’s begin!

Here is what you will need:
- Polymer Clay
- Screw Bails
- Earring Blanks
- Bead Reamer or Sharp Skewer

Macaroons usually made in light tones so we need to fit in colors. Polymer clay in light pastel colors is available at some stores. However if your store does not have those just make sure to get enough of the while colored clay and then mix it with the normal colors. When you have got the satisfying color break off a small piece ant roll it into a ball. It should not be bigger that a pea.

Press the ball with your fingers and then it into two halves using a craft knife. Put them aside, take a small piece of a whine color and roll it into a ball. The size of the white ball should be a half of the pea. Press the ball until it is smaller than one of the colored halves. Put the while one between the two colored Halves and gently squash them together.

Now take a sharp bead reamer a make a small dots on the colored halves all around near the filling. This way you will make a porous structure like the real macaroon has!

Screw in the bails to hang the macaroon charms on the pendant necklaces or keyrings. Put the charms on the baking paper and bake following the manufacturer instructions. Be careful and don’t over bake them otherwise the charms might change the colors.

Voila! Your macaroons are ready now! Make cute jewelries and lots more, be creative and enjoy!



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