Tessa Vargas

Crochet Earrings

All we'd need to handcraft ear rings would be:

  1. Some thin cotton yarn (I have Canarias one), any shade will do.
  2. Beads of 10 different colors suitable for threads of the cotton yarn.
  3. Crochet hook 0,75.
  4. A beading needle and a piece of ordinary thread, about 15-20 cm.
  5. Accessories: 2 joint-pins, 4 connecting rings.

1. At the beginning it is necessary to thread your needle, to fold the thread in two and to tie a small knot on its end. Then pass the thread by which you will be crocheting  through the place of the knot for a small bit of the thread would be stretched out. It is necessary for gathering beads on the working thread.

Put 24 pieces of beads on beading needle, and move them threading onto the crocheting thread. After extension of this tread you can start to crochet. The needle with ordinary thread ought to be put aside.

2. Gather 6 chain stitches (or loops). Collect them on a ring.

3. Then gather 3 slip stitches and work 23 single crochets.

4. Now then collect all stitches on the ring by a connecting loop. But do it not as usual. Pass your crochet hook from the opposite side toward yourself.

Take the front end of the thread, too, and stretch it away from yourself. Thus, in the same way, you will also hook all single crochets in the second row. It should be done in order to ensure that your beads would be placed on the right side.

5. After the connecting single loop has been created, make 1 slip stitch, then move 1 bead closely toward the loop on your hook and make a single crochet, clinging the hook behind the bead on the right side of your workpiece, as shown in the photo.

After that, draw the following bead, pass your hook in the following crochet of the previous row from the opposite side toward yourself, take the working thread, pass it through a loop of the previous row so that there would be 2 loops on the hook, and the bead would be placed on the right side toward yourself. Then take the working thread again and pass it through both loops on your hook at the same time. The next crochet is ready!

Thus, you work until the end of the row is reached. It has to be 24 crochets with 24 beads. At the end make a usual connecting loop, cut off the thread and hide its end on the opposite side. (I have used for this purpose a usual needle.)

6. Then put on 24 beads again in the familiar way and also gather 6 chain stitches. Collect them all on a ring by the connecting loop and make 4 slip stitches.

7. Make 23 double crochets.

8. The second row has to be created with beads in the same way as the first circle you have made. As a result, there are two circles crocheted with beads — one is more, and another one is of a lesser size.

9. Starting the process of assembling the earring.

Place accessories, as shown in the photo, unclenching ringlets by flat-nosed pliers or small scissors. Pass throughout them a joint-pin. The circles must be fixed on the opposite side by the chain stitch located behind a bead. It is important to make everything symmetrically, so then your earrings will look accurately.

Make the second ear ring similarly.


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