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How To Make A Jewelry Box-Organizer

The order on the desktop is an actual issue for many people, because almost there is always not enough space for different things, writing instruments, office stationery and the tools for needlework. In one of our articles, we described the process of braiding baskets from veneer, which can be used for storage of small things, and today we will tell you how to make a box-organizer with your own hands. As a basis you can use untreated wooden boxes, which are sold in the shops with goods for needlework.

Materials to make an organizer:

  • untreated wooden box;
  • stain, brush, clean cloth;
  • copper handle with a ring (not necessarily);
  • velvet fabric;
  • glue.


  • drill and boring tool (not necessarily);
  • screwdriver (optional);
  • pinking scissors;
  • sewing machine.

How To Make A Box-Organizer

Treat the wooden box with a stain, for this, use a clean brush. Allow the stain to dry for 10 minutes. Unsoaked stain wipe away with a cloth. If you want to achieve a darker shade, apply a stain again.

Mark the center of the front wall of the box and using a drill, drill the holes for fixing the handle.

Secure the handle with screws.

Cut two sheets of velvety fabric, the size of which is slightly less than the inner surfaces of the bottom and lid of the box. Cut another sheet, half as long as the previous ones. For the edges of the fabric not to crumble, make the cuts using pinking scissors.

Lay the short fabric on the long one so that the velvety surface should face toward you. Stitch on three sides, so that the pocket would result. By using a sewing machine stitch a number of vertical seams at a distance of about 3 cm one from another. Thus, you will get some pockets for pens and pencils.

Secure velvety fabric and the prepared organizer on the inside surface of the lid and the bottom of the box. To do this, use a reliable glue.

In such an organizer you can put pens and pencils, paper clips, tools and materials for crafts.


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