Alicia Timblestone

5 Excellent Ideas to Organize Your Accessories

When you’ve got loads of accessories, sometimes happens that you wear one set all the time. Why? Because you simply forget what you have!

Here are some solutions to that mess, and if you have this problem you’ll like it! Order your accessories in a simple and creative way. Let's do it!

Tuna cans

Aluminum is one of the strongest and most durable materials, so the tuna cans are perfect for storing rings, pins, earrings, or any little thing you can think of. Just make sure you wash them well and there are no sharp edges.

Towel tube

Obviously this tube is to put the towel, but you can also serve to keep your scarves and shawls. What you have to do is a loop and they will be organized very well without wrinkling.

Tie organizers

Who said this only serves to organize ties? You can also use it to hang your favorite long necklaces and bracelets. Best of all, this organizer is so small that you can easily put it anywhere without taking up much space. Why not hang it behind the door of the room to see all your favourite accessories at once?

Ice tray

How often do you find the earrings, but not the ring, and you never  wear them together because everything is in completely different places? With an ice tray this will not happen again.

A picture with your best accessories

A picture can become your ally to order your accessories, and simultaneously to give a creative and fun touch to your room. All you need is a couple of nails, a hammer, a metal frame and fabric; put your best accessories on it and ... voila!


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