Have you also accumulated a lot of photos or cards that are dear to your heart and you do not know how to decorate or where to hang them, so that they could always please you? Frames from shops do not suit to your interior or do not match with your needs? And those that you like, are too expensive? Well, in this case, I have for you a great idea! Today I will teach you how to make a stylish and minimalistic frame, which will suit to any design and that in the future you will be able to supplement with any decoration...if you wish :)

So, take:
some wooden blocks of any size
a spray paint (of any color: gold, copper, silver);
a primer for wood (optional);
a masking tape;
several small wooden pegs;
a glue gun

To start with, you need to prepare a few wooden blocks, before proceeding to their painting. To do this, they need to be cleaned, sanded, primed, if required.
 Paper tape for painting purposes is used to paint an even line. If it is not so important for you, then you can paint the blocks without it's help.
In addition, you don't necessarily have to paint all blocks in the same technique as in the picture - you can use your imagination and draw anything you want. Circles, triangles, hearts - as you wish. You can also make these crafts colorful.
After you have painted the blocks, leave them to dry completely. 
Then you need to glue the pegs carefully to the rear sides of the blocks. They will hold photos or notes that you want to attach, and put in a visible place.


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