Elaina Pearson

Mother's Day Crafts

Children start making gifts for the Mother’s day well in advance; they have a serious approach to this holiday. The best gift for moms is a craft made with their own hands. Kids secretly make them at home under the supervision of dad, grandma or grandpa or in the kindergarten together with the tutor.

We offer you a tutorial on how to make your mom a nice gift: a napkin holder out of wood clothespins. It’s quite easy to manufacture, but it looks as gorgeous as a store-bought item.

To make this craft for the Mother’s day you will need:

  • wooden clothespins (29 pieces);
  • acrylic paint;
  • glue gun or superglue;
  • color lace;
  • beads.

Divide the clothespins into separate halves.

Glue the reverse sides of two halves together.

The photo below shows one side of the napkin holder. The details are assembled, but not glued yet. To make one side you will need 12 clothespins. First, we need to paint them and then glue together.

Paint the details with water resistant acrylic paint. Half the details in one color (e.g., red). The other half - in a different color (e.g. yellow).

Glue parts together using a glue gun or superglue. Repeat to make the other side of the napkin holder.

Now let's make the bottom. The photo below shows how to manufacture it.

You only have to glue the two sides together and ornate your finished craft for the Mother’s day with a decorative lace and beads.


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