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How To Make A Holder For Paper Towels

Would you like to give a unique paper tower holder as a gift to your loved ones? It can be not only a practical tool, but also a nice accessory to decorate your kitchen and amuse your guests. You can use an old chopping board or wooden cutlery for this. You will benefit from your paper towels finding a cosy home to live in, as well as your old cutlery getting a new life. Let's waste no more time and get down to work!

You will need the following:

  • A small wooden chopping board (round, oval or square-shaped);
  • A wooden spoon and fork (you can use anything that suits, just make sure it has round holders);
  • A wooden cylinder with a hole to fix the spoon; if you don't have a cylinder, then just cut off a piece of wooden handle and bore a hole or use a piece of plastic pipe;
  • Sandpaper (optional);
  • Wood glue;
  • Any type of wood finish or paint (color of your choice; can be a spray paint);
  • Soft paint brush.

Step 1. Prepare the materials. Make sure the hole in the cylinder is slightly smaller than the spoon handle. Ideally, the spoon should be tightly secured in the cylinder. The fixation fork might need to be shortened. If you are using the old stuff, then don't forget to sand the wooden materials with sandpaper. Sanding will ensure a smooth finish and paint will stick better.

Step 2. Assembling the paper towel holder. Mark the center on the chopping board and glue the cylinder. Now you need to find the best spot for the fork that will fix it. Put the paper towel roll on the base, fix it with the spoon and mark the area for the fork with pencil. You don't need to glue the spoon. Now bore a hole in the board-base for the fork. Put a few drops of glue in that hole and place the fork handle in the hole. The holder is almost ready!

Step 3. Painting. When the glue is dry enough, you can start to paint your holder. You can use just one color or create a colorful artistic master-piece.

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