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A Bouquet Of Flowers And Strawberries

Today, in flower shops, you can find a wide variety of bunches. Sometimes, I want to move away from stereotypes and to present to my loved one an original flower composition. A heart of flowers and strawberries is the best way for a declaration of love. If you make a heart bunch with your own hands, you will not only tell about your feelings, but also will surprise your soul mate.


  • floral sponge;
  • scissors;
  • roses;
  • strawberries;
  • wire;
  • needles;
  • toothpicks;
  • tape;
  • twigs.

The Original Heart Of Flowers And Strawberries

Today, strawberries in the stores can be found in the early spring or even in February. Ripe berries will be a delicious treat and at the same time an unusual decoration for the bunch. Before proceeding to the manufacture of crafts made of flowers, you need to soak floral sponge in water. In this case, your flowers will not fade within 7 days.

Make a pattern out of paper in the shape of a heart, and then attach it to the sponge and cut along the contour.

Buy roses in the store as they retain their shape longer than garden flowers. Trim the stem so that it remains about 3 cm of the pistils. Stem length also depends on the thickness of the oasis. If you make a small composition, you can leave about 2 cm of stem. The cut must be oblique, as in this case the roses better absorb the moisture.

On the contour close to each other insert the roses into an oasis. Take the twigs and strip them of leaves. Once you have put all the roses, you need to decorate with these leaves the edge of the oasis. Superimpose leaves overlapping them one to another and pinning them down.

Fill in not only the edges of floral sponge, but also a place that you have not closed with the roses. With such a method one can make the heart only of the roses, and you can then fill the half with the strawberries.

Do not throw away the roses’ stems, because they are convenient to use as a decorative element. To this end, with a pair of scissors or shears cut the sticks of 3-4 cm, connect them by three pieces and tie by a wire.

To give the sticks a beautiful look, use the tape, which will close the wire. The end of the wire cut a little and then insert the stick into an oasis on top of of the leaves.

It remains only to fill with strawberries the part of the heart and your heart is ready. Fix the strawberries with toothpicks and tightly insert them in a floral sponge on top of the leaves. It is advisable to cover part of the oasis with leaves so that the strawberries can then be eaten.

A ready bunch in the form of the heart of roses.

Heart of flowers is a creative gift that everyone can make. In a short period of time you can make a memorable gift.


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