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DIY Giant Paper Flowers For Events

They’re perfect to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion and they come much cheaper than you think.

They will look beautiful on your coffee table, on the wall of the reception, as a framework for the guest photoshoot or anywhere you place them.

To make the flowers it’s better to use medium weight cardboard, although the cardboard used in school projects also works. You can find this type of cardboard in the art or hobby shops. You can also use notepaper from scrapbooking sections, which is usually middleweight size. This paper size works with almost all the flowers.

To set the flowers to decorate the surface, you can use tacks to place them directly on the wall. If you're afraid of damaging the wall, you can use a sheet of wood or make a frame with PVC pipe and wire corral, or even easier to place them on a cloth curtain.

Materials for each flower

• 2 sheets of cardboard

• 1 cardboard circle 15cm in diameter

• Tape

• Pencil, ruler, bamboo skewer

• Scissors or cutter

• Gun silicon or white glue

Here are the step by step instructions:

You can make them any size and color.

Cut the chosen 5 or 6 petals of same size and some of bigger size.  The flower will look more natural so choose the size of petals depending on your taste.

The next step is to curl the tips of the petals with a wooden skewer. After you’ve finished this, attach the petals to the round bottom with glue or silicone. Remember to glue the bigger petals first and finish with smaller ones to give the depth to the flower.

For the pistils make a short strip of cardboard or paper,  make small cuts to the half close to each other  to make it look like a small tassel, then attach it to the center of the flower.  Your flower is ready! You can make this beautiful flower in various sizes, colors, add some coloring with powder colors to give them different shades.

To make this flower you should print the mold 2 times.

The petals are added in this order: 1,1,2,2,3,4,3,4,5,6,5,7,6,7

Could you imagine that just some pieces of paper and a mold would create something that beautiful? You can also add stems with floral wire and pierce through all layers, then to put your flowers in a vase. And here are some more ideas on decorating with these amazing flowers:

Happy crafting!


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