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Flowers From Napkins

If you have colorful or even ordinary white napkins, you can easily make beautiful large flowers for interior decoration. Even beginners and children can make such crafts. We offer a step by step master-class on making flowers out of napkins.

How To Make Simple Flowers From Paper Napkins

Take multi-layered napkins of two colors and separate them into layers. The more you have separated napkins, the more luxuriant the flower will be. Fold the napkins of different colors in random order. You can use only one colorful, while the others are all white. If you alternate between the two colors, the flower will turn out bright and original.

Put all napkins together and begin to fold them as an accordion. The smaller the step between the folds, the more beautiful will be the flower.

Fold "the accordion" in half and trim the edges. Depending on the shape of the edge, you will have the shape of a flower changed. Try to make a triangular or semicircular shape. You can individually fold the colorful and the white part of the flower and cut them in different ways. Then put together "the accordions" and in the center tie them with a thread or thin wire.

Now proceed to the rectification of the petals. Start with the upper layers, lifting and forming the shape of a flower. If the "the accordion" is put on a flat surface and the petals are raised only upwards, you will get a water lily. It is possible to form a ball out of an "accordion" of the napkins, and then hang it on a string.

Do you want to make a topiary? Then make a blank of small napkins, and then glue them to the prepared ball of foam plastic. To get a bunch of flowers, you have to make a separate stem for your flower.

To do this, grab a cocktail straw or bamboo stick. Wrap by green floral tape to give a natural appearance to the stem. Glue the flower of napkins and separately make the leaves of green napkins. Some of these flowers you can give to your mom or grandmother.

Flowers from napkins are easy to make, and you will spend a minimum of time and money. The paper is an environmentally friendly material, so it is suitable for children's crafts. Roses are often made from napkins by simply twisting one napkin and forming the bud and the stem. You will make the original decorative objects by your own hands and will be able to impress your friends with your creativity.


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