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How To Make Duct Tape Flowers

Duct tape flowers are cool and quite extraordinary as well. You can make some colorful duct tape flowers following this easy instruction and the step-by-step pictures. A little bit of patience plus some ordinary stuff and the result will exceed all expectations!

You will need the following:

  • some fancy duct tape (washi tape) of 2 colors or patterns;
  • a pen and a pencil (without facets);
  • a board for cutting;
  • a ruler;
  • a sharp knife.

First, cut a piece of tape 4-5 cm. and wrap it around the pen (or a pencil) leaving about 6 mm. of the tape outside the pen (at the non-writing end).

Then press the end of the duct tape making a fold at the end of the pen.

Cut some pieces of duct tape about 16-17 mm. and stick them to the board for cutting (or other surface). You will need equal amount of the tape pieces of each color (pattern). So you can alternate the pieces of different tapes.

Make the petals. Cut every piece of tape across in halves.

Then cut each piece to 4 pieces. In the result, you will get 8 pieces from the initial one. When all the pieces are cut lay out them to make them easier to work with.

Take one piece of tape and fold two corners (with the sticky side of the corner to the sticky side of the piece) as if you were making a paper airplane.

Now make a flower. Take the pen with the duct tape wrapped around it and stick a petal to it.

Stick 3 more petals round the pen the same way.

Take the petals of the different color (pattern) and stick them to the pen in the gaps between the first layer petals.

Continue sticking the petals shifting a little to the top. If you are not shifting, the flower will be too wide and too short, and if you are shifting too much, then the flower will be thin and tall. In the result, you are supposed to get the flower like that in the picture.

If you want to make a flower fluffier but you don’t have any more petals you can cut some more pieces of tape. Thus, you will make it bigger in no time.

The only thing left to do is to wrap the pen with the duct tape of the same color as the flower.

Done! You’ve just made a duct tape flower.

You can also experiment with the shape and color of the petals.


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