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Origami Lily

Lilies are considered to be the symbol of purity and freshness, a bunch of lily flowers is the most desirable present for a woman on any celebration.

Of course, the natural flowers can be bought in a shop, but hand-made paper lilies stir up special affection, if made with a child. The original paper flowers will adorn any interior, moreover, they will delight you with their beauty for a very long time.

You can make such paper flowers of different hues, but a simple white lily will look gracious and interesting. And if you these flowers out of the gift-wrapping, glossy or corrugated paper such a bunch will look luxurious.

Origami Lily

Well, perhaps, it is the most difficult in assembling bunch of flowers among the origami flowers, which you can make with your own hands. Assembling it may not seem so easy as it was thought before. But since you train enough, you will achieve the great results. Our master-class will teach you, how to make an origami lily. For the work we will need just a sheet of paper and a dash of patience.

Make a triangle out of paper. For this, fold the paper square in two, in order to get a rectangular, which you need to fold in halves one more time. Then unfold it and fold it bias. We need it to form the bend line. Unfold the paper and fold the triangle so that the opposite sides of the square adjoin in the centre.

Press one of the triangular corners with its middle to the centre. Turn aside one side of the derived irregular rhomb and repeat the procedure with the next corner. Make the same with the next two corners.

Fold two sides of every rhomb to the centre, and unfold them back. With hands, pull the bottom of the rhomb to the top and fold along the bend line. Make the same with the other three sides. Then, unbending the top, unfold all the little rhombs.

Fold the top of the sheet from each side to the centre. Turn over the derived flower, unbend sequentially each petal outside, twisting it a little. The origami lily is ready!


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