DIY florarium

The florarium looks similar to the aquarium, but it does not fill with water, and instead of fish there are live plants. In another way, the florarium can be called a mini-garden for a house. We suggest to learn how to make a floarium handmade with the help of step by step instructions.

Self-arrangement of the Florarium can decorate any room and make it greener. So, to make a mini garden for the house, you need to follow these steps:

1) Choose a place. For the florarium it is better to take the best place in the room, such, where it will be in the center. The flower composition should be placed facing the viewer, and it should be clearly visible from anywhere in the room. There is no need to put a garden near the windows, since its arrangement involves the presence of a lighting device. Artificial lighting can be adjusted by increasing or weakening the light flux, directing the rays in different directions.

The circular shape is an ideal design for the florarium. In this case, a review is available from all sides.

Do not choose too big forms, otherwise instead of a small nice garden you can get a clumsy structure. Correlate the size of the florarium with the size of the room.

2) Decide on the design. Typically, the glass container is purchased in the store, while access to the inside of the plants can be both vertical and frontal. For the front variant, it is possible to mount glass panels that can be removable. As for the filling of the florarium, the following fixtures will be required:

A backlight that provides additional lighting. To soften the brightness of light streams, disperse them, use opaque shades. Sometimes the bright light of a home greenhouse, especially in the evening or if the florarium is too close to the sofa, can turn into an annoying, intrusive. Then, in this case, resort to the tinting of the glass, which does not interfere with the inhabitants, creates an interesting effect and mutes the light coming from the florarium.

3) Equip the bottom. As the base, a plastic grill is used that will protect the lower part of the structure. Another option is to create a drainage from a layer of expanded clay or sand. An obligatory condition for settling the bottom is the execution of a small hole. It will be needed to drain dirty water during cleaning activities.

4. Arrange plants. Plants can be planted in a pot, a basket, which is placed on a shelf or suspended. The shelf, the stairs are convenient for use, fastening, but they look unnatural. Exclude plants with large leaves and too fast growing. When choosing plants, it is necessary to focus on the following indicators characteristic of the florarium: temperature +20 ° C, humidity - 60%, lighting for 12 hours.


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