DIY lilac bouquet of beads

As soon as a holiday comes, we always think about what to give as a present. And let the handmade gift could be not so expensive and magnificent, but it will be appreciated as a manual work done with all the heart, with love. Awesome handmade bouquet could become perfect gift for any kind of holiday! And making it can bring so much fun. Let’s begin!

In order to make a flower you will need about 50 grams of beads.
In addition, take beads chopping - about 100 grams.
For weaving you’ll need a suitable copper wire, which you can buy in the store along with the beads.
For the leaves you’ll need a green ribbon.
To cut the wire, take the scissors, and even better - the wire cutters.
So, let's proceed to step-by-step implementation of lilac from beads.

The bouquet can be any size. The specified quantity of materials will suffice for a bouquet with 19 branches. But it is possible to make more. There is no need to select the beads in size, in the form of one pack. On the contrary, if you use everything in a row, then the handmade bouquet is even more beautiful. 

For a piece of wire 40 cm long, we put about 35 beads in the center. 

Cut the chopstick into two pieces to make two petals of lavender. You need to make about 180 pieces of twigs. To get a piece of lavender, you need to dress on the wire about 25 beads. 

Twist this way, carrying up to 40 leaves. Now we start to form a flower step by step. The length of the inflorescence should be about 15 centimeters. As soon as the twigs are obtained, you need to wrap the stalk with a green ribbon.

Your bouquet is ready! Now pick the right person to give it to!


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