DIY emoji toys

A unique mood simulator will allow the child to recognize human emotions, develop cognitive abilities and a little bit to learn empathy. Making emoji toys is very simple, and the idea is sure to please your kid. So, let's get started!

In order to make emoji toys you will need:    

  • Two cartons of different sizes (you need one to enter the other) 
  • Paper    
  • Markers or colored pencils    
  • Scissors    
  • Good adhesives    
  • Sheet of cardboard

For a cardboard tube, you can use the base of paper towels or toilet paper. 

To reduce one of them so that it can freely enter another, you can cut the tube, fold it more tightly, and then re-glue it.

Next, you need to make a base for the cardboard tubes. To do this, cut out a small circle from a sheet of cardboard and glue it to the bottom of the tube with glue.To decorate the outer tube, cover it with paper and cut out the hole for the face.

Then, we cut out four circles from the paper and draw different expressions on them - happy, surprised, stupid and evil, after which we glue them on the bottom tube. To ensure that the tubes do not cling to each other and they can easily be rotated, it is necessary to glue the bottom tube with film. Thus, we will get a smooth surface that will not interfere with the rotations by which you can change faces to a paper little man.

Handmade toys help children develop, improve imagination, teach them to create something with their own hands, and for parents it's a great chance to spend more time with the child and in a gaming manner to clarify something about this world.


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