DIY Floral Easter Eggs


I would like to share one more Easter decoration idea. Honestly, I have a little bit bored by Easter holiday previous years because we were always decorating home and food the same way. Same paint and same stickers on eggs. I have found this cool idea on how to make this incredibly cute floral eggs using tattoo paper. Those are pretty easy and fast to make. And your kids can participate!

Here is what you will need:
- Temporary tattoo paper
- Floral designs
- Credit card
- Scissors
- Large hard boiled eggs
- Dishcloth and water

Grab all your supplies and let’s get started.

First of all let me tell you how to use the tattoo paper. You can also buy a permanent tattoos from one your favorite stores this way you can skip some of the further instructions.

If you have decide to go with the paper follow these steps.

1. The tattoo paper consists of two white and two green sheets. You need to print the floral designs at a glossy side of a white one. Try and print firstly on a regular paper just to be sure that everything is ok and you won’t damage your tattoo paper. If everything went good and you have printed your designs take the green adhesive sheet and peel away the green part. Now you need to put the adhesive on the sheet with the designs. Use a credit card to smooth it and go a few times.

2. Now your tattoos are ready. Use the scissors to cut each tattoo.

3. Peel off the plastic backing on the tattoo. Place the tattoo on the egg with a picture down.

4. Using a damp dishcloth gently press the tattoo on the egg for 10-15 seconds. Remember eggs should not be the room temperature, not cold from the fridge.

5. Take off the white paper tattoo should stay on the egg. If your tattoo is still on the paper cover the egg with the damp dishcloth for a few more seconds.

6. Use a damp towel to smooth the wrinkles that might appear on your egg design.

Voila! Aren’t they beautiful?! Happy holidays!



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