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Erotic Tattoo Art by Sad Amish

A little porn and blackwork are playing well together, as the works of Sad-Amish Tattooer prove it.

Sad Amish Tattooer’s art captures sensual candids. Sweet, funny, graphic, sensual, his sketches explore the whole world of physical pleasure.

Nicolas Rambaud, also known as Sad-Amish, is a French tattoo artist based in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of the country. He is a master of witty blackwork, with bold compositions. His ladies are especially exciting.

Variuos details in the tilt of a knee or the placement of hair really sell the energy of each moment. He plays with shifts of perspective to set the tone for sex scenes. Timid vulnerability and passionate calls of the ink women amaze us and make keep watching. Every line is carefully drawn, with the goal of welcoming us into the world of not really hidden desires, but loud erotic and sex contexts. His clients connect with these women enough to tattoo them forever, perhaps the most intimate part of it all.

Indeed, you have to agree that when he does, he does it with an almoat agressive artistic talent! It’s where porn meets art! If you like deep sensuality and outspoken physical beauty of shapes, enjoy the work of Sad-Amish. 


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