DIY Easter embroidery

Only a few days left before the holiday of Easter, and yet you can still make handmade beauty in order to decorate your house! In addition to the fact that Easter motifs can be used in decoration of dishes, postcards and gifts, home decoration, real needlewomen, of course, will like the idea of Easter embroidery! If you like to embroider or sew, create something handmade and make really beautiful things, this option is the best for you!

Easter embroidery is most often used for decorating eggs - it can be boiled eggs, empty, or artificial - wooden or plastic. For such embroideries, small parts are used. And, in general, if you do not have the time, or you want to find an option that will be easy enough but beautiful, such embroidery will suit you! In addition, these small and accurate embroideries look very nice and attractive!

If you have more time, or the level of your skills in embroidery allows, you could take up more time-consuming work. You can choose a large embroidery for a large egg, if you have one, or make an oval embroidery to decorate the room or table.

Below are two schemes: images of a sheep and a rooster. They do not require a large selection of threads, the colors are fairly simple and spread out.

Also, you can create your own scheme. Use for her usual Easter motifs: rabbits and everything that is associated with them. These patterns can be small, placed in frames made of embroidery or fabric - your imagination itself will tell! Enjoy it!


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