DIY Ballerinas from napkins

Homemade ballerinas from napkins - it's incredibly beautiful, elegant and fascinating. Creating such ballerinas handmade, you can use them as a home decor, for a gift or even arrange a whole show!

This master class will also be very interesting for children, because it is not difficult and not long to make ballerinas, but the result is very beautiful! The main thing is that the children should be at least 8-10 years old, because among materials is using wire, and it can hurt.

You can use any napkins for your dancers, but it will be better if they are matched by color. For example, you can create a ballerinas for New Year's decoration from napkins with New Year's design. Or combine different colors and patterns to create ballet dresses with your own hands.
Note that the base of the dancers is always white, but the skirt can be multi-colored. You can create a skirt from several layers - different colors or shades.

To create dancers you will need:
 - Wire;
 - Water;
 - Napkins white and color;
 - Bow.

Step 1. Twist the wire in such a way that it looks like a little man. Keep hands and feet proportionate.

Step 2. Begin winding napkins on the wire, previously allowed into small pieces. Do it carefully. Use water in order to wet the napkins and they are held tight on the wire.

Step 3. When the whole man is covered with white napkins, proceed to the design of the skirt. It is important to take whole napkins and compress them into a pleated appearance.

Step 4.Put the finished wrap around the ballerina and attach a bow.

You can stretch a thread to the ballerina and hang it somewhere, give the hands and feet various movements, make handmade jewelry and hats. Whatever you choose, your dancer will definitely brighten up your leisure time!



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