DIY Paper Openwork Easter decorations

Creating Easter decorations cutting technique - delicate eggs and basket with paper could be nice and interesting timespending for the whole family! These masterpieces are looking very gorgeous as a decorations. Also you can make them as a present for someone special. The main thing is that they are not really difficult to make handmade! Let’s begin!

To create openwork Easter accessories you will need:

- several sheets of heavy paper or cardboard A4;

- scissors, stationery knife;

- mat / board paper cutting;

- PVA glue.

Here are schemes, which you can print on the printer.

Cut them carefully, starting with the smallest details. Cut the relief of upper edge with scissors, the rest of details cut using
stationery knife. It is important not to forget allowances for bonding. The scheme is already allowances for bonding faces.

Handle woven basket with three strips of paper width of 5 mm, as usual braid. Alternatively, the basket can be done without a handle. The most difficult aspect will be sticking eggs.

This can be done in various combinations. The easiest way - to stick together all segments of the center to the sharp end, and then from the middle to the blunt end.

Allow the glue to dry at every action, otherwise the egg can begin to spread.

You can add some details, for example, by painting them with color pens or thin markers. Also you can add some sparkles on the eggs. Do whatever you like, use your imagination and have fun!


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