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How to make ripped jeans

If you decided to try something unusual for you and rip the jeans for the first time, using an old pair of jeans is a very good idea. Almost everyone has at least one pair of washed out jeans with the totally faded color. Most likely, you do not want to wear them anymore. However, if you try to rip them up and succeed in doing it, you will have a pair of cool jeans for free.

For novices, it is recommended to focus on the knee area. It is the most common (and the least dangerous as well) zone for cuts and rips. If you finish the knees and you like it, you can always expand the area of your creativity lower, higher, and even to the buttocks area.

Now, when you choose the canvas, it is time to discover how to make rip jeans. There are many ways to achieve the desired effect. It is up to you to decide which one is better for you. Make your choice depending on the jeans, the tools at hand, and the kind of rips and cuts you want.

The preparing stage

In order to get nicely DIY ripped jeans, gather the next tools:

  • Sandpaper;

  • Scissors;

  • Tweezers;

  • A pen or marker;

  • Strong desire to create something cool.

This stage also includes the idea. You are supposed to decide of how your jeans are supposed to look by the end of the process. Do you want the small cuts somewhere on your thighs or the big holes in the area of knees? Do you prefer slightly pale (discolored) jeans or with a strong color? Do you want "regularly" cut jeans or totally torn with the threads hanging down? Let us have a look at several ways to make ripped jeans.

Neat rips

If you want to add such a king of denim to your style but you are not sure that it is your cup of tea, start from a basic version of such jeans.

  1. Put your jeans on and make some marks with a pen, pencil or pin on the places where you want the ripping to be. If you need, use a ruler or ask someone to help you with this.

  2. Take them off; put them on a flat surface, and start cutting along the line you have just marked. Be careful and do not cut the backside of the pant leg. You can insert a piece of cardboard inside to prevent cutting them all through the way.

  3. After cutting the holes, take the scissors and scrape along the edge. This move will make the cuts look more casually.

  4. Put your scissors aside and take a sandpaper. Go along the edges with it to make them look like they were torn, not cut.

This method gives a nice and tidy effect that will match any pair of jeans. However, neat and tidy cuts look especially good on the tight jeans, so if you choose them, use this recipe.  

"Torn out" outfit

The next method is faster, easier, and gives a different effect. So, the course of action looks like this:

  1. Cut two parallel lines on the knee.

  2. Take your tweezers and pull out the vertical threads from the stripe between those cuts.

You can continue and make more such spots. This way works better for the boyfriend-style jeans. Wearing such jeans is a sign of confidence.

They have seen a lot

If you want your jeans to look like they are totally worn out, you can do it in a few steps.

  1. Wash them several times with a cup of vinegar, bleach, or any other aggressive substance. Your purpose is to wash out the intensive color, so do not be afraid to try different methods.

  2. Determine, which zones are supposed to be more distressed and thoroughly go over them with sandpaper. You can use sandpaper of different roughness to get several stages of wearing out.

  3. Use a kitchen grater (do not overdo it) and pumice stone to get the differently distressed spots.

Obviously, ripped jeans are the real Boom these days. Celebrities, sportsmen, rebels, and regular people love this detail of outfit. However, there is a little nuance: if you have no perfect legs, think twice before wearing skinny ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans are the best way to look trendy without spending all your money on them. You can buy cheap jeans and create a masterpiece. Moreover, you can create unique jeans that no one has in his or her wardrobe. If you are especially good at making ripped jeans, you can even start a new fashion.

No wonder that it is worth to learn how to make ripped jeans. First, you can bring your old jeans to the second life. Secondly, you can keep up with a vogue without critical investments. And, finally, you can reveal a clothing designer inside you.

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