Charlotte Chase

Your Handicraft Features: Why People Would Buy It

The practical components of your handicrafts and their unusual features will help your talent stand out among thousands of other artists. It’s essential to make your product unique, selling and useful, so you’d even buy it yourself. Let’s talk about how to do this.

Those moments are of interest:

  • how people choose and buy handmade items;
  • in what way crafters present their goods;
  • how and what to say about your handicrafts;
  • what sense to insert into your work;
  • what materials are used.

Now check out this list of features that will help you create really unique handicrafts of a good quality:

1. Good supplies.

It always attracts particular attention, because we always choose the best for ourselves, or at least want to choose the best. But it works only if you truly make your handicrafts of the best, high quality and expensive materials. Positive differences and special characteristics of the used supplies should be open to tell and free to know, as they are important features of your art.

2. Magic component.

The most interesting field in handmade. Not everyone likes magical things, but for example amulets are in demand. I know artists who have done successful business in their handmade activity with the symbols. You might create not amulets or other sacramental things, but think about the magic sense of your works and just say your clients that these crafts bring luck and good mood.

3. Practical component.

It’s when your product is used not only by you, but will be useful for the whole family. It’s about multifunctionality and utility. In this segment of handmade, you must enable your creativity to invent different variants of usage of your product, and then show your clients the example why and how it can be used.

4. Truly beautiful.

These are cute tiny things that make our lives more beautiful, but at home they are only decorations on the fireplace. Actually they are useless, but your clients don’t need to know about this! There are quite a lot of such things at fair markets: postcards, toys, artificial flowers, dolls, kitties’ figures, small sculptures, boxes, etc.

At the same time handmade product can be both useful and attractive, for example, jewelry, bright and beautiful. Then it’s possible to focus on two (three) features to attract clients and fans.


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