Charlotte Chase

Your Creative Potential

Everyone talks about creativity, admiring her, mocking her or wishish to possess. Ask a hundred creative people how they come in a creative state of mind, and you'll hear a hundred different answers. Because creativity does not appear in some special moment of enlightenment. It occurs in the process.

Today only 25% of the population consider themselves to be creative.

But there is one big question: how will you open your creative potential?

All people were born to create something. Creativity feeds our soul. With this in mind, let's look at a few ways to unleash your creative potential. And if you already work in a creative field, you’ll take note of these methods  in moments of creative crisis to regain the ability to think creatively.

1. Understand how the brain works.

Many believe that creativity is determined by the fact that some brain is more developed. It’s believed that those people, whose left hemisphere of the brain is dominated, are more likely to be creative. But the real creativity is the result of work of both hemispheres.

This means that the greatest thinkers were not gifted with a special brain. No one is born hyper creative.

Having destroyed the stereotype that you have to be born somehow special to be able to do creative things, you've done quite a big step towards opening your very own talents.

2. Understand your problem.

Often people hold down themselves by any stereotypes and imposed viewpoints. Analyze your knowledge of creativity and understand what prevents you to stop underestimate yourself. Forget about all the prejudices about the creative process, and you will find out that you’ll be easier to think of something or create.

Accept yourself as you are by nature. Love yourself and the world around you, and this love will give you inspiration.

3. Learn new things.

Be constantly in search of something new. Read creative magazines, news, listen to new genres of music, watch new movies, go see the exhibitions of experimental art and so on. There are too much sources of new information and fresh ideas around.

The world around us is changing every second, why do you stay in one place?

4. Stop worrying about what others think of you.

Let you care only about the opinion of the closest people. Create for yourself a circle of trust, and listen only to them. If you are sensitive to the criticism of others, then you will quickly throw away all your starts and projects. You live your life.

5. Do not take the defeat closely to heart.

You heard it a million times already, but I repeat it again: think of failure as a lesson. Learn to celebrate your mistakes, because having learned the lesson once, you won’t do the same in future.

6. Creation is not something simple and airy.

Many people believe that creative work should not be work at all. As if Picasso painted his pictures in 5 minutes, with dancing, drinking wine and having fun with women. The creative process is work, hard labor. Sometimes it requires much more effort than the work of physicists or biologists, for example.

I know the fact that many people, when faced with difficulties during the creative work, throw up their hands and decide that they are not born for work. That is another common stereotype about creative people.  

7. Dream.

This simple process is capable of incredibly strong developing your imagination and giving a boost to your creativity. Do not be afraid to dream, because it will not hurt you J Dream about everything, no matter how you like to see your future. Do not restrict the flight of your imagination, because there are no limits for dreams. Never interrupt your dreams with the phrase: ‘Oh, that's impossible’. In your imagination, anything is possible!


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