Lauren Ortiz

How To Make A Sled

The winter has come, so driving on the sled time has come! The sled in shop of course has a set of advantages, but it has also a number of shortcomings. These are price, and almost monotonous size and design. The wooden sled is possible to make with one's own hands from the remains of wood and a minimum of fasteners. Besides it is also not difficult at all.

1. On a board, 40 mm thick draw a sidewall of future sledge. At me it has turned out like this.

2. Cut a detail in the area of a marking an electric fret saw.

3. Further, using the cut detail as a template, mark the second sidewall of the sledge.

4. Cut it an electrofret saw, similar to the first detail.

5. Mark width of grooves for insert of laths. Designate a cross of the place of removal of cutting material (future grooves).

6. With a hacksaw gash the marked grooves on sidewalls.

7. After all pro-saws are made, delete cutting material by means of a chisel. There now, grooves are ready!

8. Fix in advance prepared laths in grooves by nails or self-tapping screws.

9. The main design is ready, it is now necessary to create a back. Make a back quite high that will allow to use it as a support when pushing the sledge before itself. As material for a back use laths of 25*40 mm and 90 mm long. The Reiki is fixed at an angle to sidewalls by means of nails, and it is better than self-tapping screws.

10. Strengthen a design from two parties short pieces of laths.

11. Cut cross laths in back sidewalls.

12. Drill of an opening in side laths of a back a feather drill, with a diameter of 25 mm.

13. Establish in advance made cylindrical detail in the drilled openings.

14. Strengthen a back design vertical laths. Drill openings for a rope.

15. Process a surface an emery paper. In total – the sledge is ready. Now it is possible to drive.


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