Nicole Ruiz

How To Make A Longbow

The bow is the most ancient weapons on the Earth designed for fight and hunt. Although it is not a match for modern weapons, a simple bow can be extremely useful for survival in wild nature, if you will have to hunt for food. Moreover, you can boast to your friends about it.

1. Select a long piece of wood for your bow. There are several things to consider when selecting wood for your bow:

  • Find a strong dry stick, without cracks.
  • The piece of wood must be flexible, as juniper or mulberry.

2. Locate the natural curve of the stick. Each stick has its own curve, even if it is difficult to locate. You should keep in mind the natural curve of your stick, while constructing your bow. To find the curve, put your stick on the ground and press its top with one hand. With the other hand press it to the ground in the middle. Now its natural curve will be in front of you.

3. Locate the handhold place and the bow’s end. It is a very important step in making your bow.

4. Shape your bow. Put the bow on your foot and hold its top with your hand. With the other hand, press its curve to determine the most flexible place. Using a knife or a similar tool cut all knots and other imperfections off the middle of the bow.

  • The thickest and strongest part of the bow is the handhold.
  • Be careful while working the bow as the inordinate pressure or even the slightest damage of its structure can cause breakage.

5. Make notches to attach the bowstring. Make notches on each end of the bow with your knife.

6. Select the bowstring. If you are in the wilderness, you will have to search thoroughly and try a variety of materials to find a suitable bowstring. Suitable materials for a bowstring:

  • rawhide leather;
  • veins of animals which weigh more than 100 kg (220 pounds);
  • a thin nylon cord;
  • hemp cord;
  • fishing line;
  • strands of cotton or silk from caterpillars;
  • ordinary twine.

7. Attach the bowstring. Before you tight the bowstring to the bow, make secure knots at both ends of your bow. Make sure that the bowstring is shorter than the bow in order to make both bow and bowstring taut.


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